AMI Testimonials

My client had chronic back pain for years. After two days on the AMI750 she reports “pain is gone!” She is so happy!

Linda Westman,DC, Atlanta,GA

AMI has helped our five year old autistic son, Steven, each session. He didn’t speak. After his 7th session he spontaneously spoke to me after the session:”Mommy, seat belt!” (We had just gotten into the car). The next day when a classmate accused him of hitting her, he looked the teacher in the eye and said,”She hit me first.”

Darlene W, Greenville,SC

Experiencing the AMI750 reduced my anxiety and gave me greater confidence and more focus in the office and classroom.

Brandy P, Columbia MO

I lost 15 pounds in two months WITHOUT changing my diet or exercise routines–plus, this happened over “Holiday celebrating!” I’m impressed with the AMI750 weight loss protocol!

Sue L, Portland,OR